Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa at the Galleria,

Thank you so much for the early Christmas gift you gave this momma yesterday. You see, we normally come see you much earlier than this, but we have had a long three weeks wearing a cast. But, the cast came off yesterday, and you were our very next stop!

I am not sure what my child said to you, but I do know that was a lengthy conversation the two of you had. His Christmas list is much shorter this year, as I am sure lots of kids are due to this terrible economy. The shorter Christmas list was much harder on Mommy than Davis, he just took things in stride.

The picture was taken, smiles were smiled, this mommy teared up as she does every year, daddy paid for the pictures and then it happened.......that moment that time seems to stand still. Davis stood to leave and I prompted him to say "Thank You" and Davis said "Thank You" As we were walking off, I turned and said "Thank you Santa" and you looked me in the eye and said "No, thank you for raising a boy like this"

I froze! How did a three minute conversation between Santa and my child prompt this? I take none of the credit for who my child is! Santa, you know, just as we do, what a miracle this angel is! He came to us with an old soul, one that likes to please his mommy and daddy more than play with his toys! One that would rather hug his mommy than play video games. One that may forget time to time to say thank you, but it truly grateful for each and every blessing in his life!

So thank you Santa! Thank you for the encouragement you gave us! It's just one of the many reasons that cause us to say "We still believe!"

Matt and Stephanie Scott

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